The tubes are manufactured by cold profiling of carbon-steel coils.

Our production range includes tubes from OD 50 to OD 220 mm, with a thickness from 0.8 up to 3 mm.

Outside of the longitudinally welded tubes the weld seam is always removed. On request, also the inside seam can be removed. For the manufacturing of our tubes pickled, bright, galvanized or aluminium-coated steel coils are used. In the case of galvanized or aluminium-coated tubes, the zinc or aluminium coating is automatically restored on the weld, so that the outside surface is uniformly protected.


Length. The tubes are normally supplied in standard length of 6 m. The maximum length that can be manufactured at the plant is 8 m.

Marking. Thanks to the data code marked on the tubes, it is always possible to identify the coil of origin.

Special requirements. We can also provide the following additional services: piping cut to length, expanding or edging of the ends.

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